Welcome to WAYO Japanese Dining.


WAYO – 和洋

In Japanese, ‘WA’ is another word meaning Japan. ‘YO’ means Western. Mixing them together makes superior combination of both worlds. We offer affordable yet quality authentic Japanese cuisine, from traditional ones to some influenced by other cuisines, in a relaxed casual atmosphere.

With 20+ years experience in the hospitality industry making sushi, sashimi and authentic Japanese foods, Owner-chef Akio Nakajima is simply focusing on providing the quality meals, aiming at bringing the Japanese foods experience closer to Melbournians.

WAYO Japanese Dining was opened in 2014 hoping to introduce more tasty Japanese foods, not just traditional sushi and tempura, foods which eaten at home in Japan and loved by Japanese for many years.

We hope you enjoy your experience at WAYO Japanese Dining.